Quantas MS Solutions

Quantas MS Solutions Ltd. is a group of scientists with a combined experience of over 68 years in the analytical chemistry field with specializations in advanced liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry applications, focussing on innovative hardware and chemistry solutions. Our core team has been responsible for the setup and establishment of a of over 78, successful modern clinical laboratories specializing in confirmation by LC/MS/MS.

Combining scientific expertise, technical support, product development and analytical chemistry backgrounds we have formed Quantas MS solutions to strategically address the burgeoning mass spectrometric screening market.

We specialize in system aggregation of LCMS technologies for the rapid implementation of instruments, methodologies, consumables and training for the modern analytical reference laboratory.

Quantas MS Solutions services are predicated upon the development, validation and integration of a full solution process for the analytical laboratory. This includes sample prep, LC methodology, MS conditions for full analytical analysis. In order for a lab to be successful, they need to be able to adopt technologies and provide the highest level of performance in as short as start-up and execution time as possible. Our systems approach supports this, with a highly focussed implementation plan.